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The story...

My name is Irina, the owner of Kidz Kraftz!, and I would like to personally welcome you to my website!

I greatly enjoy helping someone learn a new skill or technique, no matter what their skill level is.  I especially enjoy working with children, not only being their teacher, but also their mentor, and most importantly, their friend!  And, as my Mom would always say: "I've always had an eye for design!"  So, in 2007, when I finally got an awesome opportunity to combine my three passions - teaching, kids, and design -  into one vision, Kidz Kraftz! was born.  The studio is home-based, and provides a comfortable environment for each student, where they are recognized as unique individuals, and are encouraged to pursue their own creative ideas.

Our unique sewing and fashion design program encourages positive development and provides cognitive stimulation.  Students who participate in our sewing classes, not only learn fun and practical sewing skills, but also improve their reading comprehension, math and analytical skills.

We offer a supportive environment, actively fostering self-esteem by encouraging our students, instilling positive attitude, and promoting learning that is fun.  By the end of each lesson, our children will have experienced many opportunities to say "I can do it! ", and will go home with a sense of accomplishment and self-mastery.

Who knows... Fashion Design and Sewing may be the activity your child may choose to pursue in adulthood.  So, let Kidz Kraftz! help and pave the way!


Kidz Kraftz! booth at the San Ramon Community Fair

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