Summer Sewing Camps

Camp Sessions held from 6/3/2024 - 8/23/2024

1 week long (Monday - Friday)

Ages:  6 and up

Camp Size:  4 students per session


Call for availability (925) 271-0015

2024 Summer Camp Schedule:

Summer Camp Program and Projects:

Summer camp is focused on sewing wearable clothing as well as creating craft and jewelry projects.  Introducing children to the Fashion Design concepts, including different sewing techniques, basic pattern manipulation, fashion illustrations, draping design, quilting, making jewelry, meeting new friends, and having fun with sewing.

Designing clothing items based on skill level, including choices of PJ bottoms, night robes, skirts, tops, pants, capris, shorts, sweatshirts, zipped hoodies, dresses, aprons and much more.  Also, choices of creating your own unique quilted pillows, blanket in a pillow, stuffed animals, and jewelry-making (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains) and craft projects.

Continuing students are encouraged to pursue their own creative project ideas.

Supplies / Suggested Fabrics:

NOTE:  Stretchy fabrics are not recommended for beginner students.

Lunch Info:

Payment & Registration:

$100 per student for reserving a space for one Half-day session / $200 per student for reserving a spot for one Full-day session.

The balance is due on the 1st day of class/camp.

Cash Payments receive an additional 4% Discount!  To receive the discount, both deposit and balance must be paid in cash.  Please note that check payments are not the same as cash payments.  Please ask Irina about Group, Family/Sibling, Multi-Session and other Discount options!

Our camps may be a tax deductible or qualified Dependent Care FSA expense.  Consult IRS Pub. 503, but most importantly, your tax adviser/FSA administrator.

Face Masks not required, but preferred