• "The children really enjoyed your sewing lessons and thanks to you, the club ran smoothly and was a success!" (Fruma - JPAK Club, 5/16/2010)

    • "You are magical! I really love sewing! I am definitely going to miss coming here next week. I will definitely recommend this to my friends!" (JennyLi, 6/2009)

    • "If my daughter had it her way, she'll be here all the time." (Veronica, 2/2009)

    • "You are awesome!" (Marian, 2/2009)

    • "I love it here! I want to come here every day!" (Whitney, 10/2008)

    • "Every morning my daughter couldn't wait to get to class, she was so excited to sew!" (Julie, 7/25/2008)

    • "This was the best birthday party I've ever had!" (Madeline, 3/9/2008)